2 November 2020

After the announcement on Saturday evening, we need to remind members that we will be closed again from Thursday morning.

These extra lockdown measures may come as somewhat as a surprise but now is the time to show some solidarity and get through it all together, again, regardless of whatever frustration you may have.

Most of us managed 4-months, we can manage 1 more month 👊. If some time off the gym is the worst thing that’s happening to you, you’re winning 💪, so let’s support those less fortunate 👍. Plus, you have some serious DOMs and gains to look forward to, on your return 😎

As for us, you know how we work:

Annual Memberships will be FROZEN for 1-month. 🥶

Direct debit Memberships will be credited for December. 🔥

We’ll look after our Team. 👩👩👧👦

We’ll try to have an online training offering again. FREE! 🌤

Until Thursday we will keep pushing hard here to provide you with one of the safest training spaces in Bristol. As all direct debits had already been processed prior to the Prime Ministers speech we will now owe you a month's training. To compensate for this we won’t charge for December and you can train for free until we close on Thursday. 👊

Stay safe and stay strong BS7 community. We’ve got some serious goals to reach in 2021!

BS7 Team.