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Lewis White

Lewis White

It’s my mission to help people live a healthy lifestyle not just for their physical wellbeing but also their mental wellbeing as I believe the two are intrinsically linked. Ranging from people who are just looking to stay active, to people who are dedicated to seeing large progression in their performance and aesthetics. I aim to provide all the knowledge and proven techniques to guide clients towards their fitness goals.

I like to focus on building sustainable routines for my clients, helping to guide people to integrate training regimes into their busy lifestyles.

From weight loss to aesthetic training, or flexibility and functional fitness I like to keep myself open to a broad range of training types constantly researching and ever expanding my knowledge and skillset to share with clients.

If you want a taste of what training with me is like feel free to book in for your free complimentary session with me or attend one of my fitness class’s and we can start working to towards your fitness goals together.