18 February 2014

An excellent method of training, Metabolic Circuits are time efficient, provide the wide range of benefits of resistance training, target improvements to CV function and are an excellent tool for weight management.

Representing a complete form of training it is also very applicable at this time of year as we are often shorter on time, perhaps wanting to address fitness and make the most of the up coming ski trip and it might just help the morning after a night out!

Using this approach you can complete your training in less than 30 minutes while your metabolism could stay elevated for the next 36 hours, thus still burning energy and giving you results long after you have left the gym.

To implement Metabolic Circuits in to your training and reap the rewards you can use the following guidelines. Select around five upper body (e.g. press up, Hang Clean) and five lower body exercises (e.g. Squat, Lunge), using larger lifts/muscle groups as much as you can. Order the exercises in an alternating upper body/lower body sequence. Each exercise will be completed for a number of reps, 12 – 15 is usually good (alternatively timed sets can be used) while isometric exercises are held for a duration, 30 - 45 seconds should be sufficient. Complete the entire sequence of exercises once with no rest between sets,  rest for one minute and then complete two further sets. Incorporate some stretching at the end of the session, then leave feeling great for the rest of the day!

Warm up

Jump Rope or Run on the spot for 5 minutes
Bodyweight Squats - 8 reps
Push ups - 6 reps

Beginner Metabolic Circuit Training Workout

Bodyweight Squats - 12 reps
Kneeling Push-Ups - 10 reps
Static Lunges - 12 reps each leg
Kneeling Close Grip Push-Ups - 10 reps
Lying Hip Extensions - 12 reps
Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds
Rest for 1 minute and repeat the entire Metabolic Circuit 2 more times

Advanced Metabolic Circuit Training Workout

DB Squat - 15 reps
Decline Push-Ups - 12 reps
DB Stiff Leg Dead lift - 15 reps
Elevated Row - 12 reps
Jump Lunges - 15 reps each leg
Cross Body Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds
Split Squats - 15 reps each leg
Plyometric Push-Ups - 12 reps

Rest for 1 minute and repeat the entire Metabolic Circuit 3 more times

Remember to stretch after every workout.

For any advice on this training method, just ask one of the BS7 Gym staff.