BS7 Gym News

New H.I.I.T class on Tuesday mornings!

We are pleased to announce that H.I.I.T will be taking place every Tuesday morning, with the first class to take place on 24th January at 7:10am – 7:55am.

Due to its popularity, we have decided to bring you a morning H.I.I.T class which will ensure you start your day with a high intensity workout.

H.I.I.T or High Intensity Interval Training is arguably the most time-effective training method out there.

Balancing high intensity bursts of exercise between lower intensity rest period. You will work both the muscular endurance and cardiovascular systems, kick starting your metabolism’s after burners, forcing fat to burn off late into the night. You and your like minded peers will push yourselves harder than you thought possible in a fun and team-based environment.

The class will be led by BS7 Gym instructor Manny.

To book your place for this class call us on 0117 910 8016.