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BLOG: The sun is out – Vitamin D has arrived

What a fantastic week of warm weather and sunshine it’s been. A typical British summer! With the warm weather comes the migration to outdoor sports, activities and simply sitting and relaxing. Everyone feels better when the sun is shining and let’s not forget that exposure to direct sunlight is the only way our bodies can […]
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BLOG: Don’t fear the fat

Why is it people are still happy to ply their bodies with sugar and sweeteners (often misguidedly selecting low calorie alternative foods) but are fearful of dietary fat? Simple sugars have been shown to be involved in a wide range of disorders such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even cancer. The spike in blood […]
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BLOG: Healthy Snacks

Seeing as we are now in the middle of January, many of you will be under your new or revised fitness regimes. There are a variety of diets available to us these days and selecting the right one for you can be challenging. But, let’s assume you’ve done your research and are on your way […]
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Blog: Barefoot Benefits

Research shows that most foot, knee, ankle, hip or posture problems come from shoes, cushioned shoes or poorly fitting shoes, whilst people who go barefoot/use minimalist shoes have hardly any issues.  There are more than 200,000 nerves in the feet, these nerves aid in walking/running with proper movement by communicating with the brain and informing […]
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BS7 Gym’s training tip – when to shrug?

Gym Manager, Gary, gives his advice on The Shrug……. Whilst spending some time on the gym floor recently observing members’ techniques, training styles and approaches to programming, I was reminded of a contrast I had previously noticed and decided I should write it down before I forgot about it again. By doing so I hope […]
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Gym Manager, Gary Cox, answers some questions often asked by BS7 members What are the differences between running outdoors and on the treadmill? Treadmills tend to be lower impact, meaning less stress on the joints. Also, treadmills will drag your strike foot backwards for you as the belt moves, however when running outdoors you must […]
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A Guide to The Turkish Get Up!

I would recommend the Turkish Get Up to anyone and everyone! It’s a great way to bulletproof shoulders, offering mobility and helping to strengthen the whole of the shoulder joint allowing you to lift a lot more weight overhead confidently and safely. The shoulder joint is a vulnerable part of the body, it has to […]
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7 tips for eating to improve recovery after exercise

BS7 Gym personal trainer Henry Roy has given us his top tips for eating to improve recovery after exercise. Protein. As the building blocks for many bodily structures that get used during training, protein is very important for optimising recovery and improvement. The amount that’s shown to be optimal varies person to person, but here […]
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BLOG: Single Leg and Single Arm Training

Take a look around the gym any day of the week and you’ll no doubt notice the majority of those training are doing so in a bilateral (that is using both arms or both legs at the same time) manner.  I’m specifically talking about resistance training here, but whatever the modality of resistance used, barbell, […]
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